33 Ways On How To Love A Man


How to give suggestive signals to a guy you love to win his attention

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1. Your Personal Appearance

To make men interested in you, you should make men feel comfortable in your presence in all social situations. Learn how the great woman leaders dressed up themselves to appear strikingly attractive towards the public in general. Below are some of the secrets through my research findings in the Google websites and YouTube videos that I want to share with you:

(1) Hair style :

Men like women who have long healthy hair because it is a sign of sexual maturity and therefore able to conceive. It makes him feel that the woman is of a younger age. Also, your hair should be clean and tidy to impress and convince the guy you are interested in that you are the right pick.

(2) Take special care of your personal hygiene :

Men do not like women who are not clean and neat in appearance. Being decent in look makes you approachable and striking in appearance. With this attributes, you will be able to attract someone you are interested in.

(3) Color of the dress you wear :

Wear red. Red means you are regarded as more sexy, hot, inviting, energetic than women who wears other colors. Men are more incline to befriend women in red color dress.

In addition, it appears that solid colors dresses are more eye catching for men. Men felt more comfortable with solid colors dresses than patterns.

(4) Make up you wear :

Men are more attracted to women in red rosy cheek and red color lip. Men give more prolong look at women with red color lip longer than other women. Wearing it make you stand out. If you do not know how to apply lipstick to make yourself seductive and attractive you can seek professional help from the beauty consultant.


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2. Communication Skills

Practice good communication skills will pay off in the long run. It will enable him to produce the bio-chemistry(neurotransmitter/dopamine) response which excites his brain that will make him become euphoria (intense feelings of well-being and happiness). In doing so, it will arouse a feeling of attachment that makes him feel secure and safe and comfortable to be with you. To produce that sensational feelings, you can try out the following tips on how to relate with someone you are interested in.

(1) Be a good listener :

Listen carefully and attentively make a man fall for you. Don’t disrupt his conversation with you. Nod you head to express agreeable with the topic he is discussing. It is essential that you are keen and have the right attitude when you chat with him. Furthermore, don’t just keep the conversation going because the man that you are interested in will feel upset and annoyed if he is unable to dialog and communicate with you. It will make it difficult to fall in love with you because being unable to communicate lowered his self- esteem.

(2) Whisper :

You should whisper and make you tone of the voice soft, clear, considerate, feminine, cool, steady and confident. Soft high-pitched voices will make him want to protect you and it attracts him.

(3) Mention his first name :

You can attract his attention by having his first name verbalized, so that he become immediately alert and vigilant. His attention focused as a consequence. This will result in strong liking with you.

(4) Don’t be nervy :

Don’t exhibit nervousness in your tone of the voice for nervousness means detachment from intimate relationship because it makes him feel anxious and displeased.

(5) Apologized :

Say sorry if you unintentionally hurt his feelings. It makes him feels that you are vulnerable. Men are conqueror, they enjoy that kind of feelings.

(6) Chat only interesting topics :

Guys usually are infatuated with sports . You can entice him, for instance, by asking, who won the world cup in the soccer match. To share the common interest enables bonding. It helps to bring him closer to you.

(7) Macho :

Make him think that that he is someone special like Tom Cruise who is very tough, masculine, handsome, courageous and intelligent in the movie show “Mission Impossible”. Men like to be praised and worship. If you tell him he has big penis size, he will feel like being on top of the world.

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3. Use Smile And Laugh Strategies 😊😊

If you want a guy to fall in love with you, it is essential to smile and laugh a lot.

Below are some of the common objectives and aims of smiling:

1. Smiling convey happiness, open, supportive, friendly and social personalities.

2. It also makes you attractive, approachable and interesting.

3. It disarmed a man and makes him have positive feelings for you.

4. In addition, it signals to the guy you are interested in that you are harmless and the willingness to befriend him.

5. Moreover, smiling indicates that you are being submissive. Men like to have the feelings of dominating women. It makes them feel powerful.

6. It expresses the non-verbal cue of outgoing and confident.

Below are some of the ways of smiling and laughing that can produce positive social effects:

1. Your smile should be genuine, sweet, cute and pleasant. Think of something that makes you happy when you smile. This will produce a genuine smile that attracts him. Don’t try to fake it.

2. Don’t smile with your mouth only but smile with your whole face.

3. Smiling with your white teeth expose to attract men. You should brush your teeth regularly to ensure the teeth have no yellow stain.

4. A playful smile will be inviting and makes him wants to keep you company for a longer period of time. When you show a playful smile, you seem more trust worthy and it makes the guy that you are interested in easier to connect with you.

5. Blush a lot when you are being complimented. laugh at his jokes show bonding.

6. Men usually like women who can joke about because that make them feel sensational and warm. This will uplift his mood especially on occasion whereby he is feeling depress.

7. Telling him exciting stories that can elicit positive responses and makes him laugh frequently can foster closer ties.


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4. You Are Not After His Material Wealth

You have to give and not just take, to enhanced your chances of him falling in love with you. This is to let the man not to misunderstood that you are taking advantage of him and that you truly care for him. You must let the man you are interested knows that you are not after his monetary worth and that you are interested only for his protection and motherly warm.

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5. Let Him Price You Like Diamond

Men have the desire to win over and be challenged, if you become too desperate to befriend with him, he will not cherish you. He will have the idea that you are cheap and he can easily go to bed with her. Keep in mind, do not appear to be needy. Therefore, you should be mysterious, don’t reveal to him your true feelings.

The more difficult it is for him to invite you for a date the more he will treat you like a queen and also treat you with dignity and respect. Make him has the crave for you. If he starts to have your image appears in his mind, you have won the game, he is unlikely to treat you like a dirt.

Let him clear certain tests and obstacles before you consent to go to date with him or even marry him.

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6. Understand His Needs And Desires

Asking him whether he need a helping hand in accomplishing a task on hand. This will enhance the chances of him falling in love with you. Make yourself available whenever he is in need of somebody’s help, get involved. If he discovers that you are keenly interested in his personal affairs, he will think that you care for him and that you are worth chasing after.

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7. Let Him Have Room To Breathed

Two things to remember :

1. Never lose your patient and become very pushy

Patience is very important if you want to entice men. Men need time to decide whether they should commit themselves in serious relationship with you. If they enjoy your company, they will reveal it to you. But don’t ever push him to make a quick decision on whether to partner with you. If you did it, you will lose him.

2. Don’t be jealous in ownership.

When women become possessive, she may prevent him from seeing other women. This can be extremely disastrous and dangerous to both you and your potential partner. This strategy is not going to work out. Give a man space and freedom to make friends and move about don’t stick around with him where ever he goes. Don’t be jealous unnecessarily when he is socializing with other women. In this way, he will appreciate your wisdom and kindness. Thus, your relationship with him is going to be long lasting one.

8. Long Term Compatibility

Men are more easily attracted to someone who share common interests and therefore become compatible with each other. For example, whether they share the same location, interest, hobbies, same age, same hobbies, wears the same color clothes, in the same professions, etc. Nevertheless, for happy relationship, minor disagreements can make him respect your opinions and ideas.

9. Caring And Respect

When I love someone, it means that I care about them and want them to be happy. I will try my best to shower him with motherly warm and affection. Furthermore, you can let him know that you can transform his life to be more fulfilling and worthy. You can fulfil this objective by exhibiting romantic competence and tender care. In conjunction with, be supportive and encouraging whenever he is in a depressive mood, let him secrets oxytocin (a love hormone) to relief his dismal mood. In conjunction with, you should feel protective towards him and treat him with genuinely care.

I will also, in addition, respect whatever decision he has made on any subjects matters. Also we don’t commit infidelity and be unfaithful to our love one because if you do so , it is going to cause your partner to lose respect for you. Consequently, you will lose his affection for you.

Thereafter, we come to the conclusion that true love is based on a solid foundation of mutual respect and caring.

10. Make Him Miss You

Be courageous make the first initiative to message, text or email him, send inviting and seductive messages.

You should not, however, text him daily. Men love mysterious girls. Communicate with him at varied intervals, for instance, once in a few days.

Became scarce, keep him in suspense, constantly make available lowers your worth.

Men love a sense of excitement they love to feel their partner is a piece of valuable jade. If he thinks that you are cheap and desperate and easy to date, he may take you for granted and chances are that he may ditches you.

Therefore, make him misses you. Let him text you more frequently. In this manner, you have the power and control over him. It makes him crave for you. Don’t let him know you have fallen in love with you. Always make him wonder what are you doing, why didn’t you contact him today. Let him be the one to be committed in the serious relationship.

To conclude: The longer the chase the more he wanted you. It is important to make notice that you should warm him up often, don’t always turn down his requests. He will give up the chase, if you frequently rejected him.

11. Establish Trust

No relationship can be established without a good foundation of trust.

Without trust, the partners will be unable to feel comfortable with each and hence their relationship will be insecure.

We need to be able to trust our partner with our personal worth, for instance, our money, our secrets, our love, etc.

In order to make him fall in love, she must be honest and will not commits infidelity towards her love ones. He needs to know you make him feel like the chief executive officer of a big organization in order to feel affiliated with you and be in loved with you.

Trust enables us to feel secure. Moreover, it also allows us express our thoughts and feelings with integrity. With trust, women will be able to make men become committed and invest in the serious relationship.

To conclude; an everlasting relationship will be unable to establish if the partners cannot establish or observe the golden rules of trust.


12. Be bold to break the ice first

If you want to unfrozen someone that you fall in love with, you will have to talk to him and get to know him better.

Ask him what are his career goals, what does he wants to achieve if life, etc. If you do that, he is going to think that you are unselfishly concerned with his personal goals and aspirations. This will pull him closer towards you and make him want to be with you all the time.

You can also break the ice by flirting with him. Your dialogue with him should convey positivity and genuine happiness.

Be open, energetic, use his first name when you converse with him to get him addicted to you. Moreover, you should act like his parents or mentor that he can share a secret with.

Give him a chance to ask you out, or you could suggest you both go to a restaurant and have dinner together or a cup of coffee in a nearby coffee shop.

To summarized: The secret to success will be breaking the ice and allowing each other to be themselves without fearing social rejection. With absolute certainty if you do not make the first move to get the conversation going, you will diminish the chance of partnering with him in the future.

Therefore, take action, initiate the talking first to express the emotion that you want to befriend him.

13. Make Him Feel Committed

To be committed to him means that you appreciate in whatever endeavor he pursued. Such as, his personal achievements, his job occupational status, his hobbies, etc.

To be committed to someone also means to make decisions and to feel intimate towards him. For example, she make decision whether to be his girlfriend or not.

Allow him to help you, allow him to do something nice to you so that he can be a hero and prove his masculine and worth.

In conclusion:

To make a guy fall in love with you, let him know that you want an everlasting relationship.

When he is ready to commit himself, he will be in love.

14. Do Not Nag And Complain Frequently

Nobody likes insidious gossips, complains and nagging. Personally, I don’t like my mother doing that. Just make sure you don’t continue that habit of complaining to every guy you ever date. We all like to enjoy talking and spending time with our partners but not when you start to mingle the conversation with complains and nagging.

Don’t belittle or punish him. On the contrary, encourage and motivate him with positive reinforcement by rewarding him, for example, with a passionate kiss. Be romantic, show him that you love him. Don’t try to change him. Complains and nagging will only make a relationship turned sour.

15. Say Complimentary Words 😢🦁🦾

Appreciates his masculine physical body attributes and traits, makes him thinks that he is very strong and powerful like the superman and can protect her at all costs. Make sure you appear to be vulnerable and in need for physical protection and helping out. Say something like I feel so safe to be with you.

Alternatively, you can say you have great smile, beautiful eyes, good looking jeans and your shoes are so cool, etc.

These excites him and it makes him feel wonderful, like he is on top of the high mountain peak.

16. Visual contact 😍

Eyes are window of the heart and soul. You should have the look of love to make him fall in love with you.

Stare deeply into his eyes and have prolong eye contact. Use your most seductive gaze to race his heart beats.

On the other hand, too much eye contact makes you appears to be rude or discourteous. Also, it means that you have the intention to dominate the guy you are communicated with.

Too little eye contact, however, usually means you are insincere.

Thus, keeping that in mind, you should only exercise appropriate levels of eye contacts. It makes him trust you and also feel warm and sentimentally aroused emotionally. This will certainly keep his mood high and will also make him sexually aroused and attracted to you.

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17. Exposure

Find reasons to be around him but also remember earlier we mentioned to be scarce also, so that he would not think that you are a wonton woman desperately in need of his love and affection.

An appropriate amount of exhibition in front of him will makes you more pleasing and likable. Regular contact with limit is of utmost important in romance. Don’t be evasive, cultivate first impression, be nice and easy going.

18. Dim The Light 👀😎👁👁

Use candle light only to enhance romanticism.

When we dim the light, according to psychological perception theory, our pupils expand.

It makes women to appear more attractive when the pupil expands.

Man like woman with large pupils and regard it as sociable, soft and feminine.


19. Copy The Man’s Body Language (Mirroring)

Make sure you speak the same love and body languages, for example, using the same perfume, same kind of dressing in order to cultivate solidarity.

You can try to mimic the guy’s body language in order to create rapport and be united with him.

It makes you more likable if you copy his body language, such as smiling, for instance.

To summarized: Mirroring if done correctly can be highly effective to make your guy fall in love. For example, if he drinks, you also drink.


20. Nice Body Smell 🦏

Guys like to smell nice fragrance. If you have a nice body odor, it makes the sensual Clinch into your memory. He is going to remember your nice perfume smell for a long time.

It can also be the nice fragrance smell of your hair shampoo, your shower gel or your perfume. As long as it smells great, it’s going to trigger a powerful emotional signal to your olfactory system and it elicits a very positive and pleasant feelings.

21. You Are Talented

You can surprise him and show off your intellectual capacity. Man like fun and serious conversation with intellectual girl.

Furthermore, men are in evolutionary theory and in cultural heritage a hunter. The more difficult it is for him to win your affection because of your highly differentiated personalities owing to your intellectual capacity, the more challenging he feels and hence the more he wants to win over you, like a highly valued trophy. Therefore, by showing off your talents, you actually stimulate his crave for you to want to conquer you and to overcome your resistance.

Once he wins you over, he can show it off to others, he is able to possess you that feeds his masculine, ego and self-esteem. Remember to be self-confident, unique and different from the other woman. You can display this talent by participating in a beauty queen contest. By, winning the contest, you can increase your attractiveness and the chances of attracting the man you love, by showing off your talent and your beauty.

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22. Temperature Settings: Warm Food

Research studies reveals that attraction is linked to temperature.

Warm beverages indicates that the people as having warm personalities.

Cold beverages imply that the person has harsh and cold personalities. Choose warm sausages instead of the cold salad or a warm cup of coffee or tea, will improve relationship building.

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23. Distancing: Close Proximity 🤑🐢🦆

To stimulate the interest in someone you love, you can get as close to him as possible. Close distancing promotes cohesion and unity and strong liking. Being close to someone you are interested in is essential to feeling emotionally close to him like magnetism that attracts.


24. Mutual Friends

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If you and your guy have mutual friends, chances of him fall in love with you are greater. Subconsciously, you are inclined towards someone you trust that have friends to associated and chat with. You are more likely to meet the loves through mutual friends. Have mutual friends put in goods words for you and your guy will fall in love.

25. Adventurous

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Psychologist had discovered that there is a strong link between sexual arousal and anxiety.

In addition, there is a strong positive correlation between attraction and anxiety.

Amusement park. Sky diving, mountain climbing and many others adventurous social activities can get his adrenaline pumping. The oxytocin hormones release to his brain will make him attracted to you.

26. Love A Pet 😻🐼

Guys like someone who are loving and nurturing. The best ways to demonstrates mothering instincts is to express how much you care for others through loving pets.

Woman who owned a pet are seen as more suitable partner for further advancement of intimacy because it shows that she is a responsible person for owning a pet who will in turn take care and be responsible to you.

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27. Walking 💖💖💖

You should adjust your walking speed to be the same like you boyfriend. This will make him think that you share the same body language like his. Therefore, It shows that you are tune to him.

Consequently, he is going to enjoy your company and explore you further.

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28. Benevolent And Empathy

Show him that you are a kind, sympathetic and understanding person by becoming a volunteer, helping the needy.

If he thinks that you are generous, compassionate and are willing to unselfishly contribute, he will fall in love.

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29. Don’t Be Rude and Impolite

Men are displeased with women that are rude and discourteous. He will distance himself away from you if you exhibit such personalities.

30. Sensational body language: Touches(Click Here)

Touching is the great way to show affection and care. Give him that magical, romantic touches and massages. It will produce the physical chemistry which will make him strongly attracted to you.

Some of the common touches are as follows:

1. Hug him

2. Touch his chest.

3. Pat his hand or on the back

4.Passionate Kiss on the guy’s cheek

5. Play with his hair or your hair

6. Touch his knees with yours

7. Hold the guy’s hand

8. Hug him from behind

9. Gently massaging his toes and other parts of his feet.


31. Be A Good Cook

Prepare a delicious meal to someone you love will entice his taste bugs.

It makes him crave for you because you excite his slivery glands.

Whenever he consumes delicious food, the food’s aroma is going to make him think of you.

The feeling is very pleasant and irresistible.

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32. Be Youthful

Making a relationship work requires a woman to project that image of positivity and energetic composure to attract a guy.

A woman who owns that positive energy of youthfulness regardless of her age is going to make a guy to fall in love with you.

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33. Be Confident

To be confident, you have to think yourself as a high value woman. It means thinking that you are very unique and different in terms of academic qualification, perhaps you have a master degree, the expensive coat that you wear, you are well versed in music and knows how to play the piano and that you can cook very delicious meals.

All these attributes make you become someone very special, and if they are not courting after you, they are going to lose a valuable possession.

Men are hunters and they usually go after these women who display this kind of confidence and will try their best to win you over.

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