6 Ways Woman Love A Man

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1. Your Personal Appearance

To make women interested in you, you should make her feel comfortable in your presence in all social situations. Learn how the great leaders like president Bill Clinton dressed up themselves to appear strikingly attractive towards the public in general. Below are some of the secrets through my research findings in the Google websites and YouTube videos that I want to share with you:

(a) Hair styles

your hair should be clean and tidy to impress and convince the woman you are interested in that you are the right pick.

Here are some of the hair styles suggested by the researchers that commonly attract woman:

(i) The undercut hairstyles

The hair on the top is swept to the sides or to the back while the sides and the back are shaved. Men having this hair styles appears to be sex appealed and attractive.

(ii) The buzz cut

The buzz cut hair style will have the same length of hair all over your head. It is a symbol of strength and power. Women are attracted to this hair style because it looks macho and tough.

(iii) The short crew cut

Women are turned on because this hair style project an outlook of confidence.


(2) Personal hygiene

Women do not like men who are not clean and neat in appearance. Therefore, you should shower regularly so that your hair and body are smelling clean. Also, remember to comb your hair regularly. You should also ,in addition, shave off unwanted beard or hair that makes your look unpresentable in front of others. Lastly, you should brush your teeth regularly so that your teeth do not appear to be yellowish.

Being decent in look makes you approachable and striking in appearance. With all these attributes, you will be able to attract someone you are interested in.



3. Get dressed up

(a) Don’t put on casual wear

According to research studies, women are more attracted towards men in formal clothing then casually dressed men. This doesn’t mean that you need to wear a suit every time you go out with a woman, put on a collared shirt will definitely impressed a woman rather than wearing a casual t-shirt. It indicates that you are very sincere towards a woman that you are interested in. 

(b) Wear red colour dress:

Wear red. Red means you are regarded as more sexy, hot, inviting, energetic than men who wears other colours. Women are more incline to befriend women in red colour dress because they are more eye catching.

(c) Wear something that fits

Wearing baggy clothes or pants will make a woman socially rejects you. Wearing fitting clothes is very important as it reveals your masculine trait and this entices a woman. It enables a woman to have a very good first impression upon you. 

(d) Wearing white t-shirts and jeans

Wearing a white t-shirt and jean is the great way to attract a woman. You should be cautious that the t-shirt is not too tight and that the jeans is of sufficient length so as to not have your shoes covered.  

(e) Rolled up sleeves attract a woman

Woman pay more attention to man that rolled up their sleeves because it shows that you are not only cool, casual but also a responsible person. 

(f) Wear an expensive watch ⌚⏳

Woman loves man that are time conscious and planned their routines wisely. Wearing an expensive watch reveals that you have that kind of personality. It will certainly turn them on if you decorate yourself with an stylish and expensive watch.

(g) Wear V-neck sweater

 Wearing a V-neck sweater is a good way to show that you are cool, tough and strong. Woman simply loves it.

(h) Nice Body Smell 🦏

Woman like guys who wear the nice masculine fragrance. If you have a nice body odor, it makes the sensual Clinch into your memory. She is going to remember your nice masculine smell for a long time.

It can also be the nice fragrance smell of your hair shampoo, your shower gel. As long as it smells great, it’s going to trigger a powerful emotional signal to your olfactory system and it elicits a very positive and pleasant feelings.

It enables her to pull closer to you because of your scent and therefore be interested to win your affection and friendship.

(i) Wearing stylish leather shoes

Wearing a pair of stylish branded shoes is the way to integrate your positive personality cum outlook. A woman usually first notice the kind of foot wear he is wearing to make judgement on that person.  While dating, make sure you wear something that fits and branded. Remember to wear formal shoes with formal attire and casual shoes with casual ones.  

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4. Visual eye contact 😍😍

Eyes are window of the heart and soul. You should have the look of love to make him fall in love with you.

Stare deeply into his eyes and have prolong eye contact for about 4-5 seconds. Use your most seductive gaze to race his heart beats. If her pupil dilates, it is a sign that she has fallen for you and you should return with a friendly smile for an invitation to date.

Caution: Please keep in mind that you should only exercise appropriate levels of eye contacts. Maintain eye contact for about 4-5 seconds because too much eye contact makes you appears to be rude or discourteous. Also, it means that you have the intention to dominate the woman you are communicated with. Too little eye contact, on the other hand, usually means you are insincere.

Appropriate level of eye contact makes her trust you and also feel warm and sentimentally aroused emotionally. This will certainly keep her mood high and will also make her sexually aroused and attracted to you.

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5. Use Smile And Laugh Strategies 😀🙂🙃

If you want a woman to fall in love with you, it is essential to smile and laugh a lot.

Below are some of the common objectives and aims of smiling:

1. Smiling convey happiness, open, supportive, friendly and social personalities.

2. It also makes you attractive, approachable and interesting.

3. It disarmed a woman and makes her have positive feelings for you.

4. It signals to the woman you are interested in that you are harmless and the willingness to befriend him.

5. It expresses the non-verbal cue of outgoing and confident.

Below are some of the ways of smiling and laughing that can produce positive social effects:

1. Your smile should be genuine, sweet, cute and pleasant. Think of something that makes you happy when you smile. This will produce a genuine smile that attracts him. Don’t try to fake it.

2. Don’t smile with your mouth only but smile with your whole face.

3. Smiling with your white teeth expose to attract women. You should brush your teeth regularly to ensure the teeth have no yellow stain.

4. A playful smile will be inviting and makes her wants to keep you company for a longer period of time. When you show a playful smile, you seem more trust worthy and it makes the woman that you are interested in easier to connect with you.

5. Laugh at his jokes, it shows bonding.

6. Women usually like men who can joke about because that make them feel sensational and warm. This will uplift her mood especially on occasion whereby she is feeling depress.

7. Flash her an inviting smile. If she returns your smile, it could signal that she enjoys your social invitation. However, some people also smile when they’re nervous or uncomfortable. Make sure when she laughs, her eye brows become an inverted shape this shows that her laughter is genuine.


6. Establish Trust

No relationship can be established without a good foundation of trust, it is critical in maintaining intimate and everlasting relationship.

Without trust, the partners will be unable to feel comfortable with each and hence their relationship will be insecure.


We need to be able to trust our partner with our personal worth, for instance, our money, our secrets, our love, etc.

In order to make her fall in love, you must be honest and do not betray her or not being faithful to her. Also, don’t keep asking her for having sex with you because it makes her feel that you are untrustworthy. Don’t ever pressure her into doing something that she dislikes, for this will drive her wants to distance you.

Trust enables us to feel secure. Moreover, it also allows us express our thoughts and feelings with integrity. With trust, men will be able to make women become committed and invest in the serious relationship.

To conclude; an everlasting relationship will be unable to establish and maintain, if the partners cannot establish or observe the golden rules of trust.


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